Design Your Life? Yes, Please!

It has been crazy busy this week. I don't like to be a blogger who makes excuses for not posting BUT, just as I started to get a posting schedule down, school and internship and life took over. So, my apologies. I have a few posts in the works for today and will be back on regular schedule next week *fingers crossed*. It is finals week coming up but I will do my best!

Anyways, one of the things I love about blogs is how you can find such a treasure trove of great content with just one click on your favorite read! That is what happened to me. I have been an avid follower of Coco+Kelley, a design blog covering everything from interiors to fashion to art and life! Its amazing. Cassandra, the creative mind was then featured on Make Under My Life, my new favorite read. Here is a sampling of the great content, but be sure to read the entire post. Its a great example of personal branding. I think many of us think about branding purely in an aesthetic way but there are many facets to successful brand identity. An emotional understand of your brand, (and in personal branding that would be YOU!) is vital for authenticity. So bravo Cassandra for knowing yourself so well.

What are your personal brand standards? What are your intentions?