Swedish Beauty

Photo:Waldemar and Max
Photo assistant:Peter Edqvist
Stylist:Kawa H Pour
Stylist assistan:Ida Edlund
Hair: Sofia Ringberger/Agentbauer
Make up: Hanna Cecilia ├ůslund/Linkdetails
Model: Anna S/Stockholmsgruppen

Photographers: Waldemar & Max
Style: Emma Tiblom
Make up: Sophia Eriksen
Hair: Martina Senke
Model: Sandrah Hellberg

I am getting caught up on my fashion editorials. It has been busy here and I just haven't had the time for my favorite pastime. While reading Daydream Lily, a great blog from Melbourne, Australia, I stumbled up these great photos by Waldemar & Max.

They are sure to become my new favorite.:)