A Parisian Melody

I have recently stumbled upon my new favorite song-stress. Let me introduce you to Melody Gardot. W
ith a name like that, and looks to match, she could be called a modern day Bridget Bardot.

Now, initially, I

was drawn to her scat-cat style and french musings but after further exploration, I can't say there is a thing about her I don't like. A film-noir feel to her newest video, an old-world sense of style and a voice that makes my heart happy! What more could I ask for? A new cd ? A live ep? Check and check.

The Live from SOHO EP is available at
itunes as we speak.

Her new CD: My One and Only Thrill, is going to be available April 28th in the U.S.

She has an amazing story of that you can watch here. She was in a life altering accident that left her unable to speak. Music allowed her to heal her mind and her soul.

And here is her latest video. Film noir, eh?? I LOVE it.

Here are some great photos from her flickr stream as well. Could she be any more beautiful??

Well, I wish her the best of luck. She has inspired me to practice my French and overcome the obstacles of life. If I had a glass of wine, I would raise it in a toast to Melody.